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Descendant: Stoned & Co. F/W17 Collection


Stoned & Co's signature maple leaves are majestically portrayed in the familiar autumnal hue for this year's Fall/Winter collection, Descendant. Some of the key pieces of this collection are the heavily embroidered field jacket, distressed denim jacket, and jeans. Riding on the seasons of fall and winter, the collection has a variation of garments that suit the chilly and cooling weather as well as T-shirts that suit the humid and warm Asian weather. For this time around, we upped the Signature Interlock Cotton material from our usual 40/40pin to a smoother 70/70pin alongside with other premium fabrics for this collection.

The story of this collection is a continuation of the Stoned & Co.'s F/W16 collection, Conspiracy of Peace, where the fictional Elders conspire to bring Peace to the world. After the end of the conspiracy and with Peace for all of mankind, the Elders took the falling of a Japanese Maple Leaf on the waters of the serene Lake Towada as an indication that it was time to pass on the wisdom and knowledge to the future generation. With that, the Descendants came to existence and liken to the leaves on the Japanese Maple Tree, they pass on their experiences to the next batches of leaves-the next Descendants, and continues in an eternal circle.

The messages of Unity, Equity, and Peace are what the Elders want to pass on through the Descendants. To accomplish this, the Descendants will need to realize that a change in oneself can only lead to a change in the world. The world is shaped through how we react and perceive certain situations throughout our life and it is never an easy feat to change how we think and act. However, if we are determine to make this world a better place, it will be an effort of great value to reconstruct our thoughts and actions.

As you can see that the branches of these Japanese Maples Leaves are designed in a way that it shows growth and movement. This is to represent how the branches expand out of the usual placement signifying an extension out of the comfort zone. This symbolic motif is to remind us that to change for the better and to move out of our shell and embrace a whole new environment.

The Descendants will need to find Unity, Equity, and Peace within themselves which will then naturally impact the rest and before they know it, the world will be free of negativity and all that brings it down. The message is simple yet deep and undiscovered. As sung by the late Michael Jackson:

I'm starting with the man in the mirror
I'm asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and then make a change

Collection: Stoned & Co. F/W17 Descendant Collection

Photography: Lord Edwin



Social Media & Content Manager for Stoned & Co. and IDOtshirt.

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