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The Japanese Maple Leaf of Stoned & Co.


The Japanese Maple Leaf is chosen as a symbolic element for Stoned & Co. because of how it represents the core precepts of what Stoned & Co. wants to bring to the nation. Inspired by the Japanese Maple Leaf which symbolizes connection and unity, Stoned & Co. aims to instil a different perspective in the sights of the people in where there are three entities: me, you and the relationship that we co-create - us. Because with us, there is unity.

Some of the unique characteristics of the Japanese Maple Leaf is that the margins are either coarsely or finely toothed giving this elegant foliage some ruggedness. The deeply separated long-ovate lobes tapered into a sharp tip reminds Stoned & Co. to always be on the top of their game to be different among the rest. 

Depending on the species, some Japanese maple leaf have five to nine-lobed leaves but Stoned & Co. chose the variety with seven lobes as it represents Balance & Peace, Strength & Endurance, Versatility, Variety, Me, You, and Us. All of these representations are linked and merged at the base of the leaf which gives the overall meaning of Connection & Unity to the Japanese maple leaf.

In Japanese culture, the iconic Japanese maple leaf appears to bring balance and peace to society which is parallel to the aim of Stoned & Co. when designing and producing their apparels. Take the Dialogue Series for example, the union of different languages in Malaysia as one of its design brought to life a combination that was asymmetrical and well-balanced. The original United In Peace series was also another collection that truly stamped Stoned & Co.’s motive as a brand that promotes Balance & Peace to our country.

The tree of the Japanese maple leaf does not only have a smooth bark but also a tough structure which makes it suitable to represent Endurance & Strength. The thin and delicate-looking twigs that hold the leaves are also known to be resistant to breakage. Similar to the strong bond that we have for each other regardless of our difference race, religion and culture, Stoned & Co. takes this opportunity to emphasize on this special affinity we have for one another.

Japanese maple trees and leaves can also be found everywhere across the world from Asia to Europe due to its adaptability to various climates and soil. The maple leaf comes from a highly resourceful species of tree which easily accustom itself to its surrounding. Close enough, Malaysians are known to have a high degree of Versatility and are able to conform to their environment no matter where and when due to their upbringing in a multicultural background. Stoned & Co. celebrates this one-of-a-kind trait that is embedded in all of us Malaysians through the incorporation of the Japanese maple leaf in their designs.

From orange gold to rust red and from palmatum to matsumurae subspecies, the Japanese maple leaf never ceases to amaze the world. The variety of species, colour, shapes and sizes shows how much variety the Japanese maple leaf can offer. This reflects the diversity of Malaysia in terms of culture, language, race, religion and beliefs where Stoned & Co. have been constantly displaying it through their creative work. The five Japanese maple leaf design on the sleeves for the United In Peace series demonstrated that Variety and differences can all live in harmony in the same space.

Stoned & Co. has always been reaching out to form a connection to bring to life their visions of unity in Malaysia. Stoned & Co. strives to be Me, who bonds with You, which will then create Us. Without Me and You, there will be no Us. And without Us, there will be no Balance & PeaceEndurance & StrengthVersatilityVariety and last but not least, Connection & Unity. Stoned & Co. assembles all these seven essential elements into a simple yet meaningful emblem, the Japanese Maple Leaf, which will continue to inspire Malaysia.

Photos courtesy of Jerome Prax, Daniel Kim, Dan Freeman, Grant McCurdy.




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