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Stoned Butterfly Effect Phase 1: Illusion


The first ever limited-time only customizable Stoned & Co. T-shirts has landed on the webstore and in all Stoned & Co. physical stores.

The Stoned Butterfly Effect Collection stems from the idea that small things have non-linear impacts on a complex system, a theory by Edward Lorenz's who predicted the weather in 1961 with values where the difference in precision is about the scale of a butterfly flapping its wings.

To interpret the idea of the butterfly effect in Stoned & Co., the designs will be released according to different phases namely, Phase 01: Illusion, Phase 02: Decay, and Phase 03: Afterlife. All of these phases will see the existence of the butterfly as a metaphor of our lives.

Phase 01: Illusion consists of 2 customizable designs that goes along with the theme of fantasy and imagination. The designs of these two T-shirts reflects "THE PEAK MOMENT" we have in our lives.

Both the Stoned Butterfly Effect: Monarch T-shirt and Stoned Butterfly Effect: Dreams T-shirt are available for NAME / NUMBER customization and will no longer be available after 30 days. More info below:

For both T-shirts, you will be give an option to customize your NAME or NUMBER at the checkout page. There cannot be a mixture of alphabets and numbers.

The maximum characters for NAME is up to 9 slots only including spacing while NUMBER has a maximum of 4 digits only, including spacing.

As seen in the photos above and below, your NAME / NUMBER will show up at the animated placements.

Customize & Shop the Stoned Butterfly Effect: Monarch T-shirt and Stoned Butterfly Effect: Dreams T-shirt HERE or drop by our Flagship Stores to place your orders:

Stoned & Co. SS15 Subang Jaya Flagship Store

Stoned & Co. Lot 10 KL Flagship Store

Stoned & Co. Mid Valley Flagship Store

More stores HERE.




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    Add any TWO (2) #LoveStoned T-shirts with any #LoveStoned bracelet to get the bracelet for RM99 only! (RRP: RM199)

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