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Stoned Chaos


Chaos was the law of nature; order was the dream of man.

CHAOS, the second capsule collection with a distinct graphic and concept lands on the month of April. The concept of this month's drop is to showcase how chaos can have its own aesthetic and calmness amidst the turbulent and riotous circumstances. The Stoned Chaos collection comprises T-shirts and accessories without bottoms to purely focus on the graphic that can be played around on the T-shirt canvas. Different kinds of quotes describing chaos are embroidered or printed on the T-shirts which will be listed along this post.

Life is nothing without a little chaos to make it interesting.

Though we yearn for the peaceful life, it does not mean it will satisfy us. As human beings, we are made for challenges which means too much quiet and easy life bores us. Some times, little chaotic moments are necessary to bring life to the world we live in and it doesn't necessarily has to be a situation that harms others but more like something that can trigger our daily lives to make it more meaningful.

The Chaos of this cruel and random world has a beauty of its own.

The Stoned Chaos Collection sees Stoned & Co. once again, bringing up the topic of perception. As a brand that intends to be misunderstood by the society, the objective has always been to make the world look deeper into what they see with their eyes only. Same goes to a chaotic situation, yes, it is confusion, disaster, calamity, but because of these traits, people come together, unite to fight against whatever that brought them into this position. Chaos can also be seen in a positive light where people make unfavorable situations because they want to stand up for the rights of certain groups, or maybe to even protect something that truly believe in. One person cannot create chaos but a group can. So there we go, unity.

Realizing Chaos is the process of observing, understanding and creating.

It is during a time of confusion and disorder that we learn to see more, listen more, and create more. We will find ways to refrain from repeating the same mistakes that will cause damaging situations to occur again. Like they say, every cloud has a silver lining. The same goes to disastrous events where there will always be hope for the better future.

Chaos, lost from the touch of the human race. Labeled with resentment and feared by the dominant archetype of our world, ego, whose prominence is challenged as its existence is defined authority and not anarchy.

The Stoned Chaos Collection comprises of bold colours and a variety of treatments such as embroidery and print that makes it one of the best-selling capsule collection since its first drop. So don't wait till we run out of stocks and you start commenting on our social media posts because we don't do restocks and this will be your only chance to get it.



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