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#StonedFeatures: Reagan Kwek


#StonedFeatures Reagan Kwek in the latest edition on the Stoned & Co. blog. We were super lucky to have come across Reagan who was extremely quick in his responses and before we knew it, the gears were sent out and this Q&A happened! Check out what Reagan has to say about the streetwear culture in his community and who he wants to exchange closets with:

1. Tell us about yourself and how you got into street photography.

I am Reagan Kwek and I live in Perth, Australia. I got into streetwear two years ago and I express my style through photography. There are not a lot of photographers in Perth but I manage to find some great people to work with who also help me take awesome photos.

2. How does the streetwear scene look like from where you come from? 

Streetwear in Perth has a pretty small community. Everyone who is into streetwear are all pretty close knit and its during lineups and events where we meet up and gather. Even though Perth's streetwear community is small it still has a great vibe for those interested in the street culture.

"I would definitely trade closets with Kris Wu. This rapper is on the rise and getting bigger at both the East and West."

3. How would you describe your photography style and where do you get references/inspiration from?

My photographers and I usually look out for urbanized areas such as high rises and other locations. We are always on the look out for new locations around the city that stand out. I try to keep edits simple and not too over complicated. My inspiration are mostly from social media influencers and my friends.

4. Who do you look up to for the style and culture?

Style and culture, I have always referred to social media such as Instagram where I always look for new trends and styles. I take those trends and try to mix it up with other trendy items or clothes. By doing this I can starting new trends and in some way contribute it to the street culture. 

5. If you could trade closets with any celebrity/fashion icon, who would it be and why?  

I would definitely trade closets with Kris Wu. This rapper is on the rise and getting bigger at both the East and West. He has also inspired me to follow his style as he is a pretty chill guy who dresses very uniquely.

6. What do you think is the future of streetwear?

To be honest, inspiration from streetwear is mostly passed down by celebrities, rappers or designers. I reckon streetwear would influence many because these people that I mentioned are those who are famous and trendsetters, introducing new styles everyday and it's happening now already. An example would be Kanye West releasing a purple or pink Yeezy and wearing it around. These pair of Yeezys will still sell out because many people look up to him for his style and fashion even though the sneakers might be ugly to some.

7. Recent favourite track/playlist/hangout place/style/interest/inspiration etc.

Recently there has been a lot of stress from exams and my favourite thing do is to go out on weekends to release my stress. Weekends I usually do shoots or just hang around with friends. Streetwear is like a hobby for me and it distracts me from stress as the same context of games for gamers.

8. Anything else you would like to add on here?

I'd just like to thank my photographer @richardliphotography for taking this collaborations photos and to thank everyone who has been supporting me on my Instagram. 

Reagan is in the Stoned Eclipse Moon Hoodie.

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Social Media & Content Manager for Stoned & Co. and IDOtshirt.

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